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Serving or longing for union?

August 1, 2013

I was reading an email announcement from Father Rohr’s Center for Action and Contemplation about rediscovering our yearning for reunion with God.

That’s certainly part of the journey, recognizing the idea of union with God, becoming open to it, maybe even yearning for it, but I also believe that the sort of union we get through such yearning is not the same sort of union we get when we yearn only to serve the greatest good and our greatest good.

The the kind of union that occurs when all we yearn for is to serve is important, and I think the kind of union resulting from yearning for reunion can be problematic and result in serious “falls.”

These ideas are not original to me, and I even have written about them before on this blog, I think.  I just figured I’d repeat myself.

A friend of mine once said sometimes the thing that one is called upon to do in a particular situation is just to keep repeating oneself.


September 4, 2012

This is one of those spiritual stories.

There’s a girl who hears things, including other people on the astral plane.  She also hears angels and other higher spiritual entities.  But she doesn’t have the gift of discernment.  Like someone who only hears with one ear and hence cannot locate the source of a sound, she cannot tell who is talking to her or even interacting with her.  This is actually a helpful state of affairs for what she’s supposed to be doing, which is to provide healing to very damaged souls who will only accept the help if they can remain anonymous — with her, that anonymity can be had, it’s within the control of the damaged soul.  (It’s also helpful for her healing work in situations in which some soul has been destroyed or is unwilling to participate, because then a higher spiritual entity can substitute as an understudy for that person or soul and she doesn’t notice or react to the fact of the substitution.)

But some people, who are not really interested in healing, take advantage of the girl.  They want the intimacies of a relationship with the girl, who does her healing work as an empath and in the context of helping others towards spiritual reunion with the divine within them the relationship can become somewhat sexual.

So there’s a woman who wants healing but she’s also damaged.  Her desire for a sexual relationship with the girl comes to overcome all else.  She ends up pretending to be someone else, a man who wants to be healed.   It takes a fairly long time for the girl to realize the deception, because the woman is pretending to be someone specific whom the girl is actually connected with in other ways.

Eventually the girl sees through the woman for other reasons, and that allows her to see the deception.  She could feel very used and degraded, that’s certainly a piece of what she feels; the relationship as it was played out was not consensual, so there is that piece of having been in effect (sexually) assaulted.  But it’s easier in the long run for her to let the whole thing go, including resentment for the difficulties this deception gave rise to in her relationship with the man who was impersonated and including any embarrassment from other people’s having observed what was going on.  She figures it’s one of the hazards of the work and that it’s on her to locate her compassion for the woman who would feel a need to do this.  She also figures playing this situation out must have served some greater good, if her general willingness to serve was sufficiently communicated to the universe.

My understanding is that when this story has been attempted with the genders in the roles reversed (with a man, pretending to be a woman, getting involved this way with a male healer), there is way more trouble in resolving the situation after the deception has been perceived.