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Teddy bear picnic

September 15, 2012

At some point some years ago I sewed a teddy bear from a kit.  It felt as if I was sewing it for someone who had always wanted one, maybe even been promised one, and I did it despite my discomfort — my sewing skills don’t always meet my standards and I struggle not to become a perfectionist about it and to try to relax into the process.

Today I saw an ad that included a view of small low table set with a tea set and a statue of the Buddha.  There were cushions on the floor, one on each of the four sides of the table.  The Buddha was seated, and the way the photo was taken, it looked as if the Buddha were seated at the table as a guest, as if it was a tea party such as a child might have with her teddy bears but with the Buddha instead.

Yesterday I came across a teddy bear kit in the 5 & 10 while I was shopping there for something else.

I think maybe we’re like children in our efforts to relate to the divine within us.  We stitch a teddy bear form to embody our notion of the divine, in order to relate more easily to it, and then we make a tea party for it.  We could put real tea in the pot, water, or just imagine the cups as full.  But inviting in the divine to join us and being a hostess to it, that emotional process I think is key.

I think such a tea party on our part is a reflection of how the divine has invited us to a tea party itself.