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The Fall

August 9, 2011

On the one hand, I take the drop in the stock market as seriously as the next person, but there also is something inside of me that says, “Wait a minute, we humans created this financial structure and its rules, we should be able to figure our way out of a sinkhole if one appears to open up within it.”

My sense is that what impedes us from doing this is the sense of some of us that it is preferable to maintain a position of winning material gains at the expense of others, even to the point of collapsing the game.  But I’m thinking it isn’t actually necessary, it’s just a preference, an attachment.

What may be needed from those who are in a position to reap gains at others’ expense is more identification with our fellow human beings, more compassion.  Or perhaps it could even be re-framed as a challenge: can we figure out a way to keep the game afloat?  Because what’s going on in the markets seems so tied to human thoughts and emotions, and those are eminently plastic, it seems to me.  We just need the willingness.