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Role play

November 18, 2011

I have had this sense for a long time of my allowing people to experience the other side of an emotional transaction in which they were previously involved with someone else by my taking the part of their previous emotional role.  So, if someone has been emotionally distant to a spouse, for instance, I might wind up playing that sort of role to them, if they have been cut off abruptly from a friendship, I might wind up being on the receiving end of their unexpected detachment from me, if I watched them mourn a loved one who died young, I might lose someone similarly while they observe my grief.  I suspect we all probably do this for each other during our lives, I just notice the pattern.  I can also see myself experiencing first one side of an emotional interaction, and then the other side with someone else in my previous role.  It isn’t clear to me, though, to what extent we can vary the way the second scene plays out, whether the first scene determines more than just that one emotional note that needs to be experienced from the other perspective; so, for example, if it’s about a friendship severed, and how that feels, I’m not sure whether in the second enactment the former friends get to do any better than their predecessors at figuring out what to do next.  I’d like to think so.