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Letter to Dad

February 26, 2016

I was talking yesterday to someone who turns out to be quite a Harry Truman fan.  He has also helped me deal with things having to do with my father, without ever having met him.  So I told him about my father’s letter from Harry Truman, which was a reply to a letter my father had sent him.  My dad was a fan of Truman’s, too.  I told the person I would dig out the letter and send them a scan of it later in the day.  Which I did.  (I included the envelope, since the letter does not include a greeting.)  I think they liked it.

I thought I’d post it here, too.

KM Truman letter

I also sent this person an image of a work photo of my dad, from probably the 1960s, for which credit goes to Flight Control, The Bendix Corporation, Eclipse-Pioneer Division, Teterboro, New Jersey.  I thought I’d post that here, as well:


Kurt Moses

When this person expressed their delight with the letter, I told them how glad I was to have found a truly interested audience for the letter.  And it’s true, I got a big charge out of connecting this person who really appreciated the item with this thing that was so important to my father.  I also hoped it would sort of flesh out their understanding of my dad.  Perhaps in that vein, their reaction to the photo was to note the family resemblance between my dad and me.  I am aware of it myself, of course, but it was interesting to be reminded that it is noticeable to others.  That resemblance is something to reflect on in maybe a different way now that my dad is gone — maybe from this vantage point, I can see the connection in a fresh light.




Flower burst cont’d

July 4, 2015




More views of my flower burst.

Flower bursts

July 4, 2015

Don’t have my own fireworks for the Fourth of July, but nature has given me this:


It’s the flower that grew up out of the “hen” part of my Hens and Chicks plant.

Bunny and the Buddha

June 17, 2015

I’m sure it’s the clover and not the statuary that drew the rabbit, but I’ve often had a sense that a statue of a holy figure and one of a small animal should be paired together, although I don’t know why;  here the small animal is animate …



June 9, 2015

I learned today that the large wild rose bush growing next to the stump of the pear tree is considered an invasive species.  I was looking it up online to see how big it is likely to grow.  Here’s how it looks now:



Three to five meters, is what I read.

My other welcomed guest that is considered a pest are the rabbits that have been happily eating the clover in my lawn (which is probably itself also a pest).  The rabbits I’ve also seen eat leaves off the rose bush, I might add.

Anyway, another couple of wild rose bushes are growing in front of my house, among the foundation shrubs, near the front stairs.  I am actually kind of grateful for those as well, because where they’ve taken root I don’t think I would have been able to get anything that I bought at a nursery to grow.

I enjoy the low maintenance of the wild rose bushes and the wild bunnies.  Of course I am aware that there may come a point when the balance changes and I find I am having too much of what I had considered to be a good thing.  I read that to get rid of rosa multiflora, I will have to dig it out by the roots.  In the meantime, I am enjoying my pest ecosystem, if I can call it that.

Another Gulliver photo

February 28, 2015

Gulliver Cabins0001

Bunks 8 & 9 at Camp Gulliver


January 30, 2015

This picture of my mother was taken last Thanksgiving.  Jordan cropped it last night, in connection with the funeral home’s request for a recent picture.

MM Thanksgiving 20141127_140002

Thanksgiving pics

November 27, 2014

We were waiting to check the meat thermometer to see if the turkey was done, and Jonas suggested we take some pictures:

mm & jm thanksgiving2014

My mom and Jonas

jm & dcm thanksgiving2014

Jonas and me

Happy Thanksgiving!

Outside the frame

November 11, 2014

I am still trying to figure out how the picture includes the camera too:

jm work CAM00346

Jonas sent it to me last night from his new job.

Goofy outtake

September 20, 2014

I did indicate that Jordan took more than one picture of me yesterday.  Here’s what happened when he tried to make me laugh.  He succeeded — but for some reason that resulted in my closing my eyes.


I also noticed when I looked at the picture up on a computer screen that I blend right in with my home decor — did not think of that when I was getting dressed in the morning with no thought of doing this.  The wallpaper predates our ownership of the house, so I’m not sure it’s just that “those are my colors.”  The shawl colors matching the dining room colors (the room is behind me to my right) I can see as having to do with my particular taste.   I love sculptures in which the figures can be seen emerging from the block of stone or wood from which they are carved — maybe I’d like to think of this as a sort of live version of that.