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June 1, 2012

I found half a robin’s eggshell at the reservoir yesterday and I brought it home and found myself putting it in the open petals of a fragrant white peony I had put in a simple vase next to a statue of the Buddha on the dining room windowsill.  There’s a small offering bowl near his other knee.

The eggshell reminds me easily of rebirth into our more fully realized spiritual selves, placed near the Buddha I think of his help in achieving that, his model of enlightenment, but sitting up there in the petals, the eggshell also looked like an imitation of the offering bowl and of course then I considered the opposite, that the bowl is the representation on the physical plane of the reality of our rebirths, that the things we offer up in the bowl represent our selves, the parts we let go, eventually our essences that merge with the divine.

Maybe this consideration will relieve me of my wanting to pick up this, in a sense, afterbirth of hatchlings.  On the physical plane I have contended with terrible issues related to afterbirth, maybe I can see them now as an offering and a part of a path towards my own rebirth.