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Martin Guggenheim

April 24, 2012

I came across this interview with Martin Guggenheim (a professor of clinical law at NYU School of Law), I’m not sure from when, but I really liked what he said, enough to persuade me to go hear him the day after tomorrow at Children’s Hospital in Boston (well, at least I hope to hear him — I don’t have great recollections of last year’s lecture in the same auditorium, but this year I may get a front-row seat).  The lecture is called “A Call for Child Welfare Reform,” but what persuaded me to go was seeing in his responses in the interview that he has a realistic sense of what goes on on the ground in social services with families and has developed wise and measured policy ideas in response.  The lecture is free and open to the public.


Gone fishin’

August 17, 2011

Be back in about a week.  Not much technology where I’m going  (and my computer seems to have gone fishing on its own already, so I guess I timed this well).

By way of explanation

July 5, 2011

Having posted a number of comments in reaction to other people’s writing on line, I began to wonder if my usual way of thinking about doing that (namely, that I’m singing harmony to someone else’s melody) might actually be more of a self-serving justification — that maybe after a certain point, communicating my ideas as comments on other people’s pages becomes parasitical.  So, I thought I’d try opening up a space where I can put some of my material that maybe doesn’t belong in a comment, including greater expansions on what I might touch on in a comment in the future.  This is that space.