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Morale, and morals, in the workplace

August 9, 2011

Two recent stories I was told that seem to me to point to part of what’s wrong with our economic and social fabric:

One was from a woman who manages and clerks in what I guess I could characterize as a high-end home furnishings store, the other from the father of a young adult working in an inexpensive restaurant.

In the first story, the current employee is being required to train her replacement who will be paid 50% more than she has been paid, in the second, the son helped a friend find a job in the same establishment, the friend is being paid 75 cents an hour less, and the son got released from his employment.

The theme in both tellings was how demoralizing for the original employees such treatment has been.

I admit these are only two anecdotes, but they make me wonder about factors that contribute to the weakness of our job market and economy — it seems to me penny wise but pound foolish to treat employees in this way.¬† A demoralized workforce is not good for even employers who think their short-term advantage lies in such treatment of current employees.¬† Business owners talk about the need to have good will with respect to their customers in order to sustain their commerce — it seems to me that good will with respect to employees is also necessary to sustaining a business¬† — bleeding (labor) resources dry (of morale) will leave one eventually without resources, period.