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How happy should we aspire to be?

November 14, 2011

Someone I was talking with yesterday brought up the issue of how depression can be useful, and I got to wondering whether we think we should be happier than we should.  And whether, if that’s true, that maybe in trying to create what are essentially fairy tale lives for ourselves, we (try to, with varying degrees of success,) pull resources away from others, in order to feather our own tales.  And that that dynamic results in some people having an excess of adequacy (my apologies to Gordon Williams for misusing his concept; see his Tradition and Originality in Roman Poetry) of happiness (and resources), and others having a deficit of these things, and there being a lot of pushing and shoving over who will be in which group.  So, I am wondering if maybe we all reduced our expectations, maybe more people would be okay and feel okay, while there would be fewer people at the extremes.