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Sunlit torches

November 13, 2011

I actually have a rather campy tabletop statue of Prometheus holding out what would be a torch — the person we bought it from said it had been a lamp (it’s no longer wired) and had been covered in a bright silver finish, I think, but now it’s just a dark metal color and a rather heavy and inert piece of art.

But today and few other days recently, we’ve had some of those New England coast days with dark low clouds and the bright sunlight coming in under them at an angle at the end of the day, just lighting up the golden fall foliage of the maples, and the trees look like torches, all lit up against a dark background.  Then the sun sinks a little lower and it becomes just quietly grey.

But while the trees are all ablaze it does seem as if we’ve received on earth fire from the sun.