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“Mommy and her feng shui”

December 18, 2011

I actually don’t know very much at all about feng shui, but my younger son has labeled some of my activities as a practice of it.  He’ll say something like, “Oh, Mommy and her feng shui” if he finds me arranging something in the house.  What it actually feels to me that I’m doing is going somewhere deep inside of myself, as if deciding where something should go in the house is a learning aid to diving deep within me.  I have no particular understanding of principles governing what should go where, but I can get a sense of where things should go through diving into some stream within me, and it has occurred to me of late that that may actually be the point of the exercise: learning to dive deep within me.  It also feels the same as when I pick out something to wear in the morning or to wear to go out at night (not that anybody else could tell from what I put on), I go somewhere deep within myself to match up some sense of something within me with some particular external arrangement.  In that context I’ve been aware for some years that it helps me practice getting in touch with something within me, although I’m not sure what I would call that something.  So, to my mind and from my experience, one never can be sure what will turn out to be a lesson in developing a spiritual practice.

After I originally posted this, it occurred to me that there’s a third process that feels similar for me: selecting presents for other people.  This certainly involves thinking about the other person, but it also involves, at least for me, some other mental process of going deep within my self to discern something, here maybe that “something” is what would be a match between the objects available as gifts and the make-up of the person for whom I’m selecting a gift, maybe it’s even involved with the trying to get a sense of the person’s make-up itself.