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April 5, 2014

When I went to hear Richard Shindell in concert last month in Harvard Square, I had a chance to have a brief conversation with him before the show — I was basically asking if there was any chance he could play “Abuelita,” because I had been listening to it a lot lately and it’s such a beautiful song.  He was very sweet about it, gave me some sort of encouraging answer, but didn’t actually play it.  It was a different sort of show, I think — great energy but a different mix of songs from the last couple of times I had seen him in concert.  I enjoyed the concert a lot, as I think everybody else in the room did, too — he gives a great show.

So I was tickled to see his Facebook posting with regard to his sitting at a table in a cafe in Ann Arbor as President Obama comes through.

The posting asks for a caption, and I submitted a few lines from “Abuelita”:  “I will wait at the fountain in the square / You can find me there / And I will tell you a story.”

Those lines are slightly different from their written incarnation here, on RS’s website, where “at the fountain” is “with the others”  —  folk singers and singer/songwriters do that, change or vary the lyrics slightly.

Someone “took” me to that concert, I am not sure who, but at the empty bus stop on the way in to Harvard Square, I found a $50.00 bill on the sidewalk.  That covered the price for the ticket.  It is also encouraged me to buy a couple of the CDs on sale at the concert at the front desk, as a form of sharing, even though I already owned them — I figured I’d give them as gifts or use them as extra copies for listening in the car.

I once found a $20.00 bill in the snow and ice I was shoveling at the bottom of my driveway, shortly after I had bought a small painting of an ice-covered window from an artist.*

I don’t have a great theory for pulling this all together, and, in fact, my suspicion is that while it’s not just a matter of completely random events (as I’m sure they come across to other people), it’s also not a coherent narrative — maybe it’s just a bunch of old connections and intermingled energy from the past (I think of it as “old karma”), trying to work their way out and dissipate.

I’ve always suspected we achieve that dissipation, or liberation, when we’ve figured out how to change or vary the encounter.  I think that once that’s done, some connection may even still remain, but it feels lighter and less vexed.


*I save such bills I find, I put them in an old Quimper teacup, and when I see my way clear as to what to do with them, I will do it.


Concert patter

September 7, 2011

I was listening to some (rock & roll, folk, a little jazz, mainly) concert performances in clips posted on YouTube, and I realized that I hear musicality in the bits of on-stage patter sometimes included in the clips.  I have no idea how rehearsed those bits are, but I’m not sure that (whether they are practiced) even matters — that they are pleasant to listen to is what caught my attention.  It must be nice to have that talent to utilize, to be able to vocalize beautifully across contexts.