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Spiritual hacking

August 7, 2011

My attention was caught by part of a recent story about computer hacking that said that some of the targets seemed not to want to address the situation and take protective steps against being hacked.

In stories about spiritual hacking, things usually begin with somebody who is very open but untrained (could be a child) welcoming some spirit “from the vasty deep.”  (Shakespeare, Henry the Fourth, Part I, Act 3, scene 1, 52 or so)  The problem arises when the person has enough openness to let the spirit in, but not enough to pass the spirit out.  Sometimes the person likes hosting the spirit because of some perceived benefit, sometimes the person inadvertently maintains the spirit’s interaction by expressing anger or fear at the spirit, sometimes the person has all the technique in the world but just can’t pass the spirit because they have in the meantime gotten their spiritual plumbing clogged by intermingling with someone less open than they are.

But I thought of these stories when I heard about the computer hacking because sometimes the person actively resists giving up being “hacked.”  In such stories, a shaman may become involved, and by stepping into the shoes of the person hosting the hacker, interact with the spirit in a way that results in spirit’s going off on its way of its own accord.  The most dramatic stories are those in which the shaman actually has to do their own version of hacking in order to accomplish this without knowledge of the host.  I’m thinking such “virtuous hacking” is not done in the electronic world, despite the claims of organizations such as WikiLeaks, which is a different sort of hacking concept entirely, as I understand it.

The report about the computer hacking that I heard did not make clear why some targets were not keen to take steps about it, and I think the idea was expressed that others might be able to deal with the hacking at the level of the server involved instead, by getting the server shut down.  In the spiritual stories, that could only be done through access through a person hosting the hacking spirit.  Don’t know enough about internet structure to know whether the analogy breaks down here.  But as it is, it supports my sense that our computer and other electronic technology often tracks what is understood to go in the spiritual world.