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Consumer complexity

April 17, 2012

Today’s entry in “consumer transactions that need to be corrected” is my car insurance renewal.  The insurance company left off the low-mileage deduction for some reason and so far it has taken me two phone calls just to get my agent to look into it.  He is hung up on the fact that he sent me his copy of the forms by mistake and is now sending me the right set, including the low-mileage form for me to fill out and sign.  In previous years, though, that form came with the renewal document already reflecting the discount.  I asked whether the company has changed its procedure or whether it’s a mistake.

My agent has now called the insurance company, and yes, it is a mistake.  “It slipped through the cracks” and “They don’t know why.”  I have been told how we will take care of all this before the renewal date, and how I won’t end up paying too much because we will get this squared away before then with mailings, faxes, and telephone calls.

Here’s my point.  Consumer transactions have become very complex.  It seems to me that with lots of complexity there’s more opportunity for mistakes to occur, mistakes to be made, what have you.  I do think I spend more time cleaning up “mistakes” than I used to.  It seems to me I always have a list of transactions to follow up on because they didn’t go smoothly the first time or two.

It’s interesting that I thought this year my car insurance bill might (legitimately) go up since Jordan had a plan to get his act together about learning how to drive.  He didn’t, but low and behold, my bill (erroneously) went up anyway.