Putting Humpty Dumpty back together again

February 21, 2016

My New York Times redelivery guy tells me that it’s his understanding that the delivery services in my area for The Boston Globe and The New York Times will be put back together again (see previous post), starting in about a week or so.  He anticipates another couple of weeks beyond that for the system to get up to speed.  He says The Globe has capitulated and is abandoning the new delivery scheme it tried to implement at the very end of last year and then tried to adjust later when that initial implementation failed.

Maybe this will have been like the New Coke?

I hope the news is correct and that the delivery system for both newspapers becomes reliable again.  And soon.

The redelivery guy told me a sad story about how the lack of Globe deliveries meant that friends of an elderly woman who had died were unable to read her obituary and did not know of her passing or her funeral service and therefore did not attend.

The problems for me from this delivery fiasco pale in comparison to that.

And indeed it’s nice to get to know my New York Times redelivery guy.  Reminds me of the blind men and the elephant story:  even a difficult situation can become an occasion for communication with others and yield positive results through that.

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