January 16, 2015

After something like a month of “advocacy,” I finally was able to have the conversation with the specialist doctor that my mother has been wanting.  The doctor called me, and at this point, that was probably the best approach — I have relayed the information to my mother.

The conversation was supposed to occur in an office appointment, but my mother never recovered enough after her outpatient procedure to go to the appointment, even by ambulance.  It was scheduled long after her hospital release, and she has been declining in health since then.  One of the contributing factors to the scheduling was the doctor’s vacation.  When I was told that this was “reasonable,” it gave me the opening to point out that my mother’s wanting and needing the information nonetheless, despite the fact that the systems in place require her to do things she can’t, was also reasonable.

Yesterday I got a 21 minute, unhurried phone call and our questions answered.

It helps to know that a small localized disease diagnosed early on can cause systemic problems like general weakness and tiredness, it helps to know that an outpatient procedure can produce the same sort of domino effect as a fall in an elderly person  —  secondary consequences and all, and the person never returns to even close to the status quo ante, just keeps declining instead.

At least we got to fill in some of the information we have been missing as we try to understand what has been going on.



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