A view with birds in the trees

December 15, 2014

My mother really enjoyed her backyard at her home in New Jersey.  It had a patch of woods behind it and she had a lot of birds in her yard.  She enjoyed that, watching them out the large picture windows in the living room and dining room, and out of the smaller windows in the kitchen.

While there is a large tree in view of her apartment windows up here in Massachusetts, it certainly is not nearly as rich a view for birdwatching.  But her window and view from her room in the nursing and rehabilitation center are more like what she had in NJ.  The woods are deeper and slightly further from her window, but there are birds all the time.  I even saw a hawk yesterday.  I think it’s conservation land.  The occupational therapist told me today about a pond nearby that is nice to walk around.

So when the doctor started talking today about whether my mother will eventually want hospice care there, I thought, “Well, it would give her a nice view.”  We’ll have to see when the time comes.


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