Medical systems and biology

December 8, 2014

So, apparently, the medical systems designers have decided that a patient will not have symptoms that need management by a specialist in that disease until the lab test results come back (something like a week later), despite a fairly clear tentative diagnosis.  And despite the patient developing symptoms that need management.  But no specialist can be brought in yet because the results aren’t back yet.

So my mother landed back in the hospital through the ER via an ambulance this morning, in part because it wasn’t clear whether the worsening symptoms indicated that a medical procedure she had had Friday had gone awry.  But no, it wasn’t that, it is apparently just symptoms of the underlying disease they won’t deal with until the lab results are in.

They are promising me that this time they will not discharge my mother without an adequate treatment plan to manage her symptoms.

had asked multiple times on multiple occasions over the course of the past week for such a specialist, and the in-patient medical staff even asked me today why my mother has no such specialist.  And her primary care physician had claimed she would make this process smooth, as she had experienced a rocky process with her own mother’s illness.  But today, again, she said no specialist yet.

Maybe one could say that the root of the problem is that systems designers aren’t realistic.  And that the systems are too rigid.

This re-admission to the hospital can’t be saving costs.

It has certainly cost my mother physically and emotionally.


2 Responses to “Medical systems and biology”

  1. jimmy Says:

    Could just throwing some cash at this speed things up? Also, is this a government related negligence or private insurance policy?

    • Diana Moses Says:

      She has a Medicare Advantage policy through a private health insurance company (chosen by my father’s employer). Don’t know whose policy it is to wait to assign the specialist, Medicare’s or the hospital/doctors’ or the insurance company. It occurred to me to wonder when they would assign the specialist if she hadn’t had the procedure done.

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