Contraction, incarnation, and fragmentation

September 8, 2014

I had put in the back of my mind the issue of what I thought of some competing conceptualizations David Brooks mentioned in his column about “The Body and the Spirit” last week.  The conceptualizations had to do with “the mixing of the finite and the infinite,” to quote from the column.  One was “contraction,” the other, “incarnation.”  I was wondering which one spoke to me more.

So I threw it out there as I was walking around the Res today.  And what came to me was “fragmentation,” “fragmentation without intention driving it.”  As in, fragments of the infinite embedded in the finite, fragments of the finite mixed in the vessel of the infinite.

Now I can contemplate that, too.


One Response to “Contraction, incarnation, and fragmentation”

  1. Matthew Brooks Says:

    It was a good article.

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