It’s the babysitter!

August 18, 2014

So my mother is in the processing of selling her house, which I grew up in, and she’s got a (local) real estate agent, and the agent and I have talked on the phone, texted, emailed, and faxed.

The agent and I have even discussed who we know in common in town from our school days, including the family who used to own the house she now owns.  And we’ve determined she’s about six years younger than I am  —  she was a classmate of the younger children in the family whose house she now owns, I had been friends and classmates with the eldest of the siblings.

We finally met face to face yesterday, during my current visit with my mom.  And the agent interrupts the flow of the conversation and suddenly says to me, “You look so familiar.  Did you babysit for me?”

I asked if her current surname is her original one, and no, it’s her married name.  She tells me her maiden name, and then I recognized who she was.

It’s interesting, too, because I never changed my name and she didn’t recognize me from that.

It was probably the hair.

Anyway, it was funny to be recognized after all these years as the babysitter.


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