Squares, too

June 27, 2014

I went back upstairs to my study to finish something up, and also did some more admiring of the circles of light on the walls (previous post).  I also looked to see whether the mirror mosaics are squares or just rectangles, and while I was noticing that they are squares, I also noticed that on the window screen, the projections of light are indeed squares, too.  Still don’t get it, but I’m enjoying it.


2 Responses to “Squares, too”

  1. jimmy Says:

    As a former ardent sundialer I recall a chapter in a popular book on the subject on how to strategically place a mirror near the window and markings about the walls and ceiling to tell accurate time throught the year.

    • Diana Moses Says:

      There was a place down the street with two mirrors on opposite sides of a small vestibule, and if you looked into one of them right, getting your head out of the way while still looking, it was like looking down an infinite tunnel.

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