Young men

May 29, 2014

My older son let me know about a terrible accident involving his friend’s cousin, who was someone whom he also knew a little, I think, from school.  She was hit and killed by a train and she was pregnant.  She was in her twenties.

My son was texting and emailing me about this while I was out and he was getting on the wrong train for an appointment and his friend was coming over that night, I think, to talk and it was not easy for me to know what to say.  Something about keeping people company and showing them we care.

Rabbi Kushner makes a point about how human suffering is an opportunity for human love to come forth, as I recall.

But in the throes of it, I think it just plain hurts, like a body blow and a hole in the heart, there are stages of it when it’s really tough to feel anybody’s love, I think, we contract so much in our reaction to the event that very little gets in.  It’s tough.

Words are not enough and analysis seems just beside the point.

For me this feels almost as if I am watching people on an Outward Bound experience.




I am so sorry for the losses, for the pain and suffering, and I hope for everybody some measure of comfort, now, in the coming days and nights, and in the long term.

My best to you and your family, Alex.  (I was surprised to learn from Jonas that you sometimes read this blog.)


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