April 26, 2014

Before I started chatting with my fellow Diana in the lobby this morning (see previous post), I was reading “Have You Lost Your Mind?” in The New Yorker.  It’s by Michael Kinsley.

It’s about awareness of dementia and Parkinson’s disease, at least as far as I read this morning (a little over a third of it, I think).  I was really grabbed by the description in the second paragraph of

a comic-book tale about some residents of our three-dimensional world who go through a hole in space, or something like that, and find themselves living in two dimensions.  ‘And nothing’s changed,’ one says, triumphantly, unable to to see what we can see:  that he is now the approximate shape and depth of a postage stamp.  Maybe this is what the descent into dementia is like:  everyone around you knows or suspects you have it, but to yourself you seem the same.

That’s close to how I imagine the relationship between how we think when we are incarnated (the world with fewer dimensions) and how we think when our souls are not constrained by the material world (the world with more dimensions).  Maybe enlightenment is when we become aware of the difference.


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