Bunnies and birdies and deer, oh my

April 16, 2014

I’m visiting out in the “wilds” of suburban New Jersey, and while I’ve been here, we’ve seen out the back windows, at some surprise to my host, a large rabbit and a youthful-looking deer.  There have also been plenty of birds and squirrels sighted, too.

Well, I am thrilled to see a bunny, and excited to see a deer, although I am concerned about the latter animal’s safety and eating prospects.  The deer clearly wanted to come into the yard this morning, perhaps to eat the leaves and flowers, but a town fence prevented it.  It went up on its hind legs to try to eat some shrubbery hanging over the fence and kept looking into the yard as it walked along its boundary.  The rabbit had found a way into the yard yesterday and had eaten its fill of wild rose bush leaves, before resting beneath the bushes in the yard.

A veritable garden statue come to life.

It does give me pause when I find myself seeing life in terms of an imitation of art — what’s wrong with that picture? — but I have to admit that I kept thinking of statues of St. Francis or angels or cherubs welcoming deer, birds, and rabbits, which I see in other people’s yards as I take walks while I’m visiting.


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