“Country Roads”

April 11, 2014

I am well aware not everybody enjoys John Denver’s music.  I had some college suitemates freshman year who couldn’t bridge their John Denver / Bob Dylan divide, so for the second semester I gave up my single in the suite to share the suite’s lone double with the John Denver maven, just to keep the peace.

I like both Denver and Dylan, it depends what I’m in the mood for.

But I really like this duet performance of Denver’s “Country Roads,” because there seems to me to be such a joyful energy being generated between the two performers — I don’t think my enjoyment is particularly about the song itself, I think the song has become a vehicle for something even more satisfying, and that’s what I’m enjoying.

Anyway, the video makes me smile.


3 Responses to ““Country Roads””

  1. Matthew Brooks Says:

  2. Matthew Brooks Says:

    *Jewel and Bjork

  3. Matthew Brooks Says:

    Upon further review, it appears it was actually this girl’s song;

    All these years I thought it was the above two. Oh well; it’s a beautiful song whoever sings it.

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