April 7, 2014

I think self-consciousness gets in the way of our clear hearing of internal guidance, of the voice within.  I think those among us who are the least self-conscious may hear the most clearly.

On the other hand, such people may lack the ability to communicate to others what they hear.

Does it matter if they can’t?

It matters if they have difficulty communicating with others if they can’t get their needs met, it matters not at all if they can’t communicate to others their spiritual perceptions — they are for them, after all.

Somebody long ago cottoned onto this phenomenon and decided to try to find that point at which spiritual insight and human communication are as symmetrical as possible.  He wanted to hear the insights he couldn’t have.  (And yes, this is one of my “spiritual stories.”)

He thought he could be helpful (and powerful) by sharing the insights.  Instead he succeeded in accomplishing something else, and that is our world today.


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