Buddha on the ledge

March 3, 2014

I took a walk today along some roads I don’t usually travel, and as I was negotiating icy sidewalks and the occasional deep puddle, I noticed I was passing through an area with lots of trees and raised terrain and new large houses, including one that looked to me as if it belonged in Colorado and one next to it that still had stickers on the windows.  That latter one did have a satellite TV dish, though, so I thought it might be occupied.  Anyway, then I noticed an outcropping of rock between the two houses, and guess what, up on one of its ledges was a statue of a seated Buddha.  It looked terrific.  I was enjoying it and sort of wondering which house to feel gratitude towards.  The Buddha was facing the house with the TV dish, but siting such a statue seemed more in keeping with wooden cabin look of the other house away from which it gazed.  The rocky outcropping was midway between the two houses.  So I couldn’t figure it out and I went back to just enjoying the way the seated Buddha looked up there to a passer-by.


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