M & Ms

February 8, 2014

They used to remind me of autumn leaves: red, yellow, two shades of brown, green for those leaves that hadn’t turned.

They discontinued the light brown, which I thought was a nice neutral tone to provide balance with the other, more vibrant colors.  I thought it looked friendly and warm in a low-key way.  They added blue, and I’ve read that the dye they have been using for the blue contains some disreputable substance.  The blue is much more exciting, I suppose, but it also changes the whole impression of the palette for me.  No more autumn leaves.

We used to arrange our M & Ms into groups — all the same color, one of each color — into lines, into shapes.  My mother served them in custard cups as a special treat for a snack.  We took them out of the little bowl and arranged them, I think on a plate, but sometimes on the kitchen table directly, which I think we were not supposed to do.

Now there are so many varieties.  I have on occasion inadvertently brought home some variety I didn’t want, and didn’t like, such as the pretzel kind (I trust people like my neighbor, who has a thing for chocolate-covered pretzels, may be the target market).  And the regular kind now seem to me to have a taste that is heavy on sweetness and light on chocolate.  I buy them thinking I like them more than I actually do anymore.

Which maybe is okay.  I have found that if I buy candy I don’t like, I eat less of it.


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