Liberal levels

January 30, 2014

I really appreciated reading Father Rohr’s Daily Meditation for today.  It’s about “levels” and “stages”of development, and today he observes the stage at which many liberals get stuck.  He’s already observed that conservatives seem to be stuck at a previous stage.

I am so appreciative of reading this because I have found myself of late criticizing a number of regular liberal commenters in the NYTimes comments threads for things that seem to me rather similar to the rabble-rousing through disingenuous techniques and a lack of compassion and respect that they decry in their opponents.  It has looked to me like similar limited process only filled with different content — liberal beliefs instead of conservative.  Maybe I understand this as being stuck at a particular level but at a slightly different stage within it.

I find myself asking myself, “Why am I taking these comments on?”  I really am not sure, I do try not to be simply reactive, I try to distinguish between a reaction and an answer to a call to act.  I don’t have the impression I will directly influence those whose comments I criticize, I do it in the spirit that for me to not do so would be worse, including for me.

I think I’m kind of used to not fitting in with particular ideological groups — neither did Willy, and we used to talk about it a lot.  I still miss having company with that.


4 Responses to “Liberal levels”

  1. Jeff in New Jersey Says:

    Diana, perhaps these things would not seem puzzling to you if your mind were clearer about what Liberalism was and what is now called by that name has become.

    Time was in our country, a “liberal” was a person of education, intelligence, and good will, believing in moral and social progress. H. G. Wells put it well when he said, “Vulgar fashions and decaying traditions make a vast show and noise in the world, but scientific work and lucid thought are persistent and cumulative.”

    All men and women were to be judged by their merits, not categories they fitted into. Moral judgments were to be made objectively and all debate conducted openly and with intellectual integrity. Objective wisdom was the goal, not “partisan victory” for particular viewpoints.

    The “LIberal Group” today is just that — a group of people calling themselves liberal. They are not enlightened persons or leaders of thought but merely aggressive partisans of an ever-changing set of ideas. They are anti-family, anti-religion, and anti- social morality. “Cultural Marxism” is not far off the mark in designating their ideas, motives, and general viewpoints, all of which seem to be animiated by an “us versus them” outlook in which hatred and hostility plays no small role. They employ propaganda and news distortion rather than reasoned argument to persuade those who disagree.

    You can go to any good library and find a book on “How to be a good Christian” (or a good Jew, or a good Muslim, or even a good Communist) but just try to find a book that tells you how to be a good liberal ! Libeal doctrine passes from mind to mind in rather vague form, and is today whatever the reigning liberal mob says it is. They would have reacted with furious denunciation if anyone, forty or fifty years ago, had accused them of advocating what they openly advocate today.

    A few persons of genuine liberal outlook, possibly like yourself, are gradually waking up to this condition of things. I say it is long overdue, and that “Liberal Fascism” is not an extreme concept. It may not have come to domination yet but it is certainly on the horizon.

    • Diana Moses Says:

      I’m not sure the original kind of liberal was engaging in anything all that different, in terms of group formation and adherence to a particular system of values viewed from inside of it.

  2. James Koppel Says:

    Remember the anti-NAFTA riots in Seattle? Leftys and Rightys fought side by side. Similar confluences exist re NSA, globalist & multi-national control of both major parties, etc., &c.. Do not slip into the pedantic ruse of “divide and conquer”.

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