Birds, dinosaurs, and Jonathan Franzen

January 9, 2014

I read this while waiting for a meeting with an accountant this morning:

But I think that really, in the history of the planet, there have been two kinds of amazing animal developments. One is us–in terms of totally transforming things–and the dinosaurs were the other. And the birds are what became of dinosaurs. The dinosaurs retooled instead of lumbering around, crashing around, earthbound. They got all light and they got feathers, truly one of the remarkable adaptations in the history of evolution.

It’s from an interview with Jonathan Franzen in Audubon Magazine from April of last year.

I ought to visit with the number crunching set more often.

Well, I was so excited to read someone relate humans and dinosaurs to each other in a way that makes sense to me (I sometimes think of it myself in terms half-siblings, as if dinosaurs and humans are earth’s children from different marriages) — and then relate it to birds and a (human) affinity or love for birds!   Wow.  We try to become light and airy in our thinking or meditating — in our mental processes — the dinosaurs achieved it physically.

Now I want to read some of Franzen’s work — I am hoping to enjoy the way his mind works in his fiction, too.


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