December 12, 2013

While I am leery of giving advice to other people, I found myself pointing out to my friend last night what seemed to be working in her life and what seemed to be her trying to make something work (not without good reason) that wasn’t working for her.  I didn’t say it looked to me as if she should abandon her pursuit of what she wanted in terms of a new engineering job, but I did point out that what she was doing in the community and with politicians seemed to fulfill her and seemed to be working out more easily.  I thought maybe she should put more of her focus on that aspect of her life.

I even cited Richard Rohr about the halves of our lives and what suits us when.

Of course, I have no idea what she should be doing.  She has professionals she goes to for career advice and she has a partner at home, so my role here is not that important.  But she came to me when she found herself at a difficult juncture, and I try very hard not to turn away from someone who seeks me out in that context, I try to catch the person when they hurl themselves at me in the way Jordan used to when he would jump off the stairs landing into my arms.

I do believe we can help each other by softening each other’s landings and pointing out where another’s trail of bread crumbs seems to be.  And, if nothing else, we can reassure them by our actions that there is someone at the other end when they reach out for help.


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