December 10, 2013

I was happy and relieved to read a highlighted comment to Stanley Fish’s recent post about Noam Chomsky lectures at Columbia.  The comment made the point about concepts beyond what we translate easily into verbal language.  For the commenter, the concepts were in physics, and he made the point that even the language of math does not always provide a complete mode of communicating them.  He gave his name as hammond, from San Francisco.

Hooray for people who perceive that what we can articulate through the intellect is not the sum total of what exists, and that what part of that we can understand is not the same as the part we can communicate through language (mathematical, verbal, etc.) to others.


2 Responses to “Physics”

  1. James Koppel Says:

    On a slightly lower parallel plane, I sometimes challenge myself (and pride myself?) in presenting a detailed technical/physical description of an object or process using only words- despite the fact that this would not be considered sufficient for, let’s say, a patent application.

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