Flower openings

December 6, 2013

The flower arrangement sitting on my kitchen table is now over a week old.  Some of the flowers are doing better than others, a Gerbera Daisy and a freesia small lily blossom I had to behead and put directly into water.

The stem of lilies (my favorite — pink with a spicy smell) is behaving in a way I don’t quite understand.  It came with a number of unopened buds, in various stages of unopenness.  Some began to open, but not quickly.  I removed a spent bloom in case that was holding things up, but the buds would begin to open and then start to deteriorate — edges of petals turning brown and wrinkling.

So I removed the lily stalk from the arrangement, cut a bit off the end of the stem, and put it directly into water, in a vase.  I’m not sure what’s going to happen next with it.

I don’t know whether the problem is in the lily stalk, what happened to it since it was disconnected from its bulb, the fact that it was stuck into a foam cube and doesn’t get adequate water that way, despite my keeping an generous amount of water in the container holding the foam, or what;  my usual experience with lily buds is that they open, and open completely, if they are past a certain stage in development when the stalk is harvested.

But what I’m observing with this stalk reminds me of some people I’ve known, people who never seem to fully blossom, people who begin to bloom and get stuck, regress, wither, and collapse.  Don’t know why that happens either, but I wonder if access to emotional nourishment is a factor.  Some people get enough emotional nourishment from other people, I think, from their relationships with other people, that is.  Some people have greater needs, and being stuck in that green foam cube of a nexus with other people is not enough.  Direct connection with greater nourishment is needed, it seems, and people who can connect with God or the universe sometimes find a way to bloom that way, I’ve seen.


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