Technological puzzles

October 20, 2013

So I just submitted a comment to a New York Times analysis of the current intra-party dynamics of the Republican Party between Tea Party conservatives and establishment conservatives.

Plink, I receive the email that the comment has been published, and since I’m a Verified commenter, this is plausible.  So I refresh the page and it’s not there.  I’ve noticed that before, that there can be a lag in actually putting the comment online.  That didn’t puzzle me.

But here’s what did:  when I went to my comment through the link in my email, the comment had already been recommended.  So I tried accessing the comments two other ways besides refreshing, and I still couldn’t see mine, which by then had a second recommend.

I don’t understand who can see the comment and how.

But it does remind me of when people don’t hear what they are putting out there even when other people can perceive it.

Postscript:  Someone just suggested to me it could be mirroring of that phenomenon of when I unwittingly pick up some language or imagery from a Times piece I have yet to actually read — people with earlier access to something others (here, me) cannot yet see.


One Response to “Technological puzzles”

  1. James Koppel Says:

    People don’t realize that the Tea Party is not the sharper edge of the Rep. party. It’s the DULLER edge of what is REALLY going on in this country. If you are concerned about the Tea Party, you are jousting a VERY mild FOIL.

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