An alternative to callousness: mirrors

October 7, 2013

This method requires being at least a little comfortable with visualization and maybe even thinking about interactions in terms of energy, so it may not be for everyone.

Instead of protecting the self by closing oneself up and forming an outer shell, one pictures enveloping oneself, firmly but kindly, with mirrors.  These reflect back to others whatever it is they are sending our way that does not serve (their greater good, our greater good, the greater good).  The mirrors do not prevent us from being open, they’re sort of a different kind of thing — sometimes I picture them as hard objects at some distance from myself, but more often I just picture a swirling cloud of light and reflection enveloping me.  (I have a teapot that’s got metallic silver and creamy white stripes in a swirl pattern that I sometimes start with picturing, and then I put the pattern into rotation around me, and it whirls and blends white light and reflection.)

What’s nice about this method is that it does not involve inserting one’s own will about what serves or asserting an animus against the person, and it also does not involve harming oneself by becoming closed off.

But I realize it is not for everybody, that relies on a belief system that not everybody shares.


2 Responses to “An alternative to callousness: mirrors”

  1. jamenkop Says:

    Very, very often we Divine Providence brings us into relationships, however fleeting, with people who share some of our more glaring character flaws. Human mirors.

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