Insect wing

September 18, 2013

I found a large insect wing while I was walking today.  Later I ran into a friend while I was walking, and she asked me what I was holding and I showed it to her.  She said it looked like stained glass.  It’s not colorful, but it does look like leaded glass, in a pattern one might expect in stained glass.

I managed to get it home intact (cradled in a leaf) and I put it in a very small jar.

It was welcome to see something beautiful during a day of usual administrative tasks, including what often feels to me like doing other people’s jobs for them: reminding lawyers to file paperwork, replenishing, in an office, supplies that ran out on somebody else’s watch, redelivering mail misdelivered to me.  Nothing terrible but nothing inspiring.  Except for that insect wing.


One Response to “Insect wing”

  1. Diana Moses Says:

    Here’s a bittersweet piece about wings I read after I wrote this post: “Fanciful Adieu for Victim Who Saw World’s ‘Hidden Magic,'” by N.R. Kleinfield, published 9/18/2013 by the NYTimes and appearing the next day in print.

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