Cardboard tubes

September 13, 2013

I was putting a cardboard tube from a roll of paper towel into the recycling bin and I realized that I hadn’t thought in a long time about how we used to turn it into a treat for our dog:  we’d stick a treat inside it and twist the ends closed and then toss it and he’d spend a few minutes happily ripping it apart until he got the treat out.  He ate only the treat, not the cardboard.

He died in the fall, in 2008, around the time the stock market tanked, so it’s been five years.  I found one of his rawhide chew flips underneath some furniture when I was emptying a room for re-plastering this summer.  I was surprised.  I had thought all his effects had been either thrown out or put away.

I was looking for a photo to illustrate the treat-in-the-tube.  I came across this first.  It’s from down along the Palisades in New Jersey, I think, on the grounds of an historic house museum.  I suspect the dog had been jumping around in excitement and Willy had grabbed him so the photo could be taken by my dad, but I like that he became a focal point in the picture:



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