August 8, 2013

I was thinking again recently about the difference between having faith and not having faith.

The situation reminds me of one of those optical illusion pictures where looking at the sketch one way, you see one image, but when you refocus, you see something entirely different.  I haven’t seen one of those pictures in a long time, or I would cite an example.

My point is, though, that we’re really seeing two different things while we’re looking at the same thing, and i would argue that both images are really there — it’s just about what the perceiver perceives — I tend to think it’s always just about what the perceiver perceives.


One Response to “Faith”

  1. Matthew Brooks Says:

    Then again, life, as a rule, is not an optical illusion. Most people agree a tree is a tree. Most people agree on basic right and wrong too.

    In the case of faith or lack of faith and areas where people disagree morally, I think it’s a matter of different inputs. Different inputs are not arbitrary. See the % of blacks and whites who thought the Zimmerman (or OJ Simpson) verdict was just.

    Then it’s simply a matter of how all these various inputs and outputs (which become inputs themselves) combine.

    I also think there is something universal to us all; when we look into somebody else’s eyes we perceive recognition – of a shared life. Once we start from there it’s easier to reconcile the various divergences.

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