Tiger lily down

August 6, 2013

This morning I went out in the back to do some chores and noticed a tiger lily ripped out of the garden, decapitated, and lying on the grass.  I imagine it’s the result of some animal’s activity last night — I know we have raccoons and skunks.  Day lily buds are edible even for humans, why not tiger lily blooms for raccoons?

But the coincidence with my enjoyment of them yesterday strikes me.  It feels as if it’s feedback not to enjoy anything too much.  It may not be such feedback, just as it may not be negative feedback about taking care of myself when an emergency crops up when I go tend to my own health and well-being.  But in both cases, the pattern of receiving a negative stimulus while doing something I have been taught is a positive thing to do (enjoy my garden, get a cough checked out by the doctor, take a walk with a friend, see a career counselor) is noticeable to me.  I haven’t come to a conclusion about how to interpret it.


5 Responses to “Tiger lily down”

  1. Matthew Brooks Says:


    • Diana Moses Says:

      I think it may be about attachments, about learning to enjoy (or love) without attaching. But I’m still mulling it over, not altogether sure.

      • Diana Moses Says:

        Loving “without attaching” as in charitable love, not as in hooking up, maybe I should clarify.

      • Matthew Brooks Says:

        They(the Buddhists, etc.) say that – live without attachment, but I don’t see how. Is suffering not worth the enjoyment? Is having not worth losing? “Better to have loved and lost…”

        The quality of a thing is oft weighed by its scarcity. If tiger lilies grew like grass you wouldn’t value them so highly.

        Being comes and goes. The loss of one lily perhaps clarified your appreciation for the rest.

      • Diana Moses Says:

        Yes to your suggestions about valuing the lilies. And maybe I should also think of what happened as sharing the lilies with the wild critters.

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