Rolling dice

August 4, 2013

God may not roll dice in some respects, but when I hear other people’s life stories and I see common patterns with mine, I do think about the different variations on a common theme as different rolls of the dice.


4 Responses to “Rolling dice”

  1. Matthew Brooks Says:

    Of course, that may be true, but when dice roll they are following the laws of physics. Even perceived randomness is not random. Our past lives determine our current and our next.

    Why? Who knows. Why does the wind blow? Why do leaves fall? In your next life you may be something entirely incomprehensible.

    Here’s a poem I wrote for my wife many years ago;

    An anemone’s body is hollow
    An anemone has no soul
    An anemone has no brains or veins
    An anemone’s only a hole

    An anemone roams the ocean
    An anemone’s cavity’s home
    An anemone’s company’s clowns and crabs
    An anemone’s enemy’s none

    Except the gray sea slug
    And a fish, tompot blenny
    Nobody eats an anemone
    She looks like a flower, stings like a bee.

    • Diana Moses Says:

      Don’t know much about anemones (but I like your poem), I do identify with hermit crabs, coral, whelks, and fossilized chambered sea creatures — past lives?

      • Matthew Brooks Says:

        It makes sense. If you go back far enough in time (forever) what life haven’t we had?

        In that case it’s probably a matter of proximity (~ inverse-square law). The most recent lives or the next one to come are those we sense strongest.

        When I was a child I had a better apprehension of these things. At the time tho I wasn’t necessarily self-aware of what it was I was perceiving. I only put it together later from the memory (a memory of a memory).

  2. Matthew Brooks Says:

    I might as well get all my poetry out of the way;

    here are my two favorite;

    Four seasons form a full circle
    180° in between ice and steam
    Water; fall, spring

    Peace if I see is real
    Peace if I are

    What good olive isn’t?
    What air falls?

    Real eyes leave prism
    Real eyes enter prize

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