A ring

July 20, 2013

When I was visiting my mother in early February, after my father’s death, she gave me some rings that he had kept in a small leather case with a snap closure.

We knew which was my father’s wedding ring.  He hadn’t worn it much, I think he wore it at the outset of their marriage, but it irritated his skin, so for most of his marriage he didn’t wear it.  It is interesting to see how sharp the facets of it still are — those on my mother’s ring had become worn and blunted because she wore hers (with a brief hiatus when she worried about being mugged for it on the NYC subway and not being able to get it off over a swollen knuckle) all the time.

Then there’s a ring with a date of 1718 inscribed in it.  It’s a bright yellow gold and it has maybe what you’d call beadwork at both edges of the band — kind of like the equivalent of molding at the top and bottom edges of a wall.  That ring I feel I should like — it’s got a date, it’s got initials inscribed in it, too, (AMK and BH) but I can’t say I’m drawn to it.

It’s the third one I want to wear.  It’s a softer color gold.  It’s narrower than the others.  It seems to have an 85 and at A T inscribed inside it, but I don’t quite understand what they represent, given the way they are done.  So the details of the inscription don’t explain its appeal to me.

All three are men’s rings, the second two I don’t know whose.  My mother doesn’t know, either.

Being a man’s ring, this third ring doesn’t fit any of my fingers, not even thumbs.  (None of them do.)  I’ve taken to wearing it, though, on my left index finger, by wearing above it a ring that actually fits that finger and thus keeps this other ring on as well.

Luckily no one has asked me to explain why I’m wearing it, because I’m not sure I could put it into words.


One Response to “A ring”

  1. kleimheist Says:

    My coolest ring is my Aquitaine sundial ring, modeled after the one given Lady Eleanor of Aquitaine to King Henry while they were dating, so that he would show up on time from his hunting excursions. (He was still married to his first wife.) it is based on SOLAR ALTITUDE,opposed to the lateral angle of the sun.

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