Yin and yang

June 14, 2013

About which I know very little.  But there is a concept I do know of, about needing to keep tension in a system in order to sustain motion within the system.  That I think may be how the returning wayfarer functions at the outskirts of the society to which they return.  But it’s tough to sustain that note that seems to cry out for resolution to the tonic.  Maybe if it did resolve we would end up dismantling creation?


4 Responses to “Yin and yang”

  1. Matthew Brooks Says:

    >Maybe if it did resolve we would end up dismantling creation?

    Hmm, yes, tho not entirely.

    The tension is an eternal balance that proceeds seamlessly (tho, at times, abruptly), from one configuration to another; if mathematics could define the equation it might look like this: 1/0

    “Is and isn’t produce each other” -The Tao

    A supernova marks the death of a star, and yet, we are born of starburst(s). The etymology of the word itself suggests a cyclical process; nova = new.

    This is one of the key insights of the Christian story – death and resurrection – for life, for civilisation, for the universe itself, perhaps. None of us humans were alive 200 years ago and vice versa. “The world that is constantly becoming”.

    • Diana Moses Says:

      What about the distinction between things that come into being and pass out of being, and things that exist?

      • Matthew Brooks Says:

        I read this once, “To God, time is like a piece of paper”.

        To put it another way, you could ask the same question perhaps of your yesterday’s self and your tomorrow’s self, vs. your today’s self. If all existence is unified then we become one thing to the next; we always are tho.

  2. Matthew Brooks Says:

    There’s also likely a more satisfying answer to your question. I have no proof but I believe that there is a spiritual world beyond the eyes of science, where, perhaps, those who have left this earth dwell for a time perhaps, and commune with/guide the living.

    I was reflecting recently how ancestor “worship” in particular is something that transcends cultures. Many cultures promoted sacrifices, offerings, to appease these spirits.

    I think of my bird bath the same way. I keep the water clean as much as I can. Even if there’s no favor to be found in heaven as such, grace is still worthwhile in itself somehow.

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