April 21, 2013

I understood the relief when the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings was taken into custody last night, but I was taken aback at the celebrating I saw pictures of afterwards.  To me the whole thing is sad, if not grim, and I think celebrating the apprehension of the suspect is a step towards dehumanizing people who commit such acts.  Down that path I think we ultimately lose our own humanity.  I’d rather keep mine than lose it over a brief jump into a puddle of misplaced emotional self-indulgence.  I think it’s a good idea to try to have compassion for people regardless of whether they have compassion for me — doesn’t necessarily mean I’m up to being in the same room with them in the moment, but it’s a long-term goal.


3 Responses to “Relief”

  1. kleimheist Says:

    Although the suspect was merely captured and not killed, let us not forget: “In the destruction of evil there is rejoicing.”- Proverbs.

  2. Diana Moses Says:

    I don’t think evil in the abstract exists. In fact, I might liken it to a Golem who is given life by our believing it to be alive.

  3. kleimheist Says:

    I misquoted. The actual phrasing is “evil PEOPLE”, not “evil”. And, while on the subject, a widely misquoted Solomonic proverb actually states “hates his son”- NOT “spoils his son”. Dwell on THAT!

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