“No holding back”

April 21, 2013

There’s a lyric in a song by Jackson Browne that says “If you ever need holding with no holding back” that caught my attention long ago.  (It’s in “Sky Blue and Black” — there’s a live version from a concert in Milan that I like.)

Here’s why I was thinking about it this morning.

It occurred to me that there’s a difference between receiving the same thing from others when there’s no holding back and when there is — same thing, different sources, one holding something back (because there’s more they could do) and one not (they are doing everything they can).  There is something in the act of giving one’s all that makes a qualitative difference, I think; as a recipient I can perceive the difference.

This idea has application in regular social relationships on the physical plane, but it also has significance on other planes.  People who perceive ghosts don’t expect them to show up in a body on their doorstep, but people who perceive others who are in bodies and who communicate through their subconscious too expect that those people, if they are giving their all, will interact on the physical plane.  They are not ghosts, they are not God, what they can give includes a physical aspect, and if they don’t offer that, then they are holding back.  And that is a difference that makes a difference.


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