March 13, 2013

That’s what my dad called the plural of crocus, the little spring flowers that grow from bulbs.  And yes, he, too, took Latin (and apparently won medals in high school for his achievements — my mother gave me some after his death).  He saw the word as part of the second declension.  He referred to more than one Kleenex as Kleeneses, putting that noun in the third declension.

Anyway, I saw my first crocuses of the season today, little light purple ones.  And someone put a vase of (forced?) forsythia in the ladies’ room we use at the hospice where I volunteer.  On the bike path the other day I was nearly sideswiped by a bundle of pussy willows in a bike rider’s backpack.

So spring is sort of here, even if there is still snow on the ground.


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