More hawks

January 30, 2013

I’m thinking there may be (Red-tailed) hawks living at the junction of Rte 16 with Rte I-95, because I think I’ve seen some there before.  Today, as I was stopped at a traffic light there, I saw one fly down to the ground and, a little later, fly back up across the road and into a tree.

I had just been doing financial paperwork on my parents’ behalf, and I was taking the back roads route home instead of the highways I had driven to get there.  I’ll have to make the trip again, with the death certificate, which I don’t yet have.

I wonder if there’s a language in which “girls” (or women) and “birds” are referred to with the same word or a similar word (in English, an example would be “chick.)”  Because I think there’s a spiritual story in which a man is told to hunt for a “bird” with a plump white breast and red plumage, and he ends married to a buxom redhead instead of attracting in a hawk as a totem animal by developing his understanding of the Earth and her story.


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