Red-tailed hawk in NJ

January 24, 2013

I was sitting in my parents’ dining room the other day, staring out a picture window at the woods behind their house while answering questions for a social worker helping with their care, and I see a large, robust, cream color breasted bird sitting in a nearby tree, and it was indeed a Red-tailed hawk.  I never saw one before in my parents’ neighborhood, and my mother said neither had she (and they’ve lived there since before I was born).  The hawk swooped down out of the tree, but I didn’t see what it did, because my view was blocked and I didn’t want to alarm the social worker by craning my neck.  I found its presence reassuring, though.  Not so much the bloody and disemboweled deer carcass on Rte. 84 on my trip back today, if we’re going to get into signs and omens and reading entrails.


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