The lady with the alligator purse

January 16, 2013

“In walked the doctor, in walked the nurse, in walked the lady with the alligator purse.”

I’m heading out to NJ in a couple of days, both as a daughter and as the lady with the alligator purse.

I’ve been working the phone assiduously on behalf of my elderly and ill parents, who don’t like to plan for needing help and are resistant to accepting it, but it struck me that, despite the fact that I have no one to cover for me here, I need to go down now.  While I’m there, I don’t think I will have access to a computer, so this blog, and my commenting online, will be on hiatus.

Given that I can’t stay all that long, I am mulling over why I am winding up doing this over a holiday weekend, and I think my answer is, so that I spend a lot of the time focused on my parents themselves and not on running around doing tasks and having meetings and trying to help arrange their care.

It’s interesting that each of them has expressed their compliments to me over my level of expertise with doing this kind of stuff (arranging the care, that is, not making the trip), and I point out to them that this is the kind of thing (different needs, different services, but same basic skill set used) I’ve been doing for years now, since Willy got sick, so that it’s the result of a lot of practice.  And, of course, whatever I do, it doesn’t mean there’s smooth sailing, it’s more a matter of that it would have been worse without my contribution.  And their surprise, because there is an element of that in their compliments, suggests to me that they really have no idea what my life has been like for the past decade.


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