Mail, unbidden and missing

January 8, 2013

So I finished a personal care product this morning, threw the container into the trash, and, unbidden, a sample of the same product (different brand) arrived in today’s mail later in the day.  Nice timing.

On the other hand, I made a sizable (for me) charitable donation last year, and the recipient organization (which is located in the next town) says they have sent me a confirmation letter twice, and neither have I received.

Years ago I donated some goods to an organization down the street, for a charitable auction, and they never got the paperwork to me, and I remember clearly understanding that it wasn’t meant to be a tax deduction.  They were items (a quilt and some other handmade textiles) that meant something to me, and there was something in the act that would have been diminished through the coldness of introducing tax considerations.

This time around, it was a cash donation.  But maybe it is not meant to be entangled in tax considerations nonetheless.

In both cases I had had some prior involvement with the organization and felt I had received some benefit from it and wanted to make sure they could continue to do what they do and benefit others.  So maybe in that context, charitable tax deductions have no place.  I sometimes feel that I have a special need to keep my books in balance between my benefiting from this world and my contributing to it;  maybe the way these donations play out has a lot to do with that — the universe is helping me keep my books when on my own I wouldn’t be squaring the entries right.


One Response to “Mail, unbidden and missing”

  1. Judah Himmelstein Says:

    On a secular political level the relevant book here is “”Who Really Cares?” by Arthur C. Brooks. (as long as one is on THAT level, as opposef to yeshiva gi.ving)

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