“God” is not a dispenser of marshmallows

December 1, 2012

Another sequel.

To my way of thinking, “God” is not a dispenser of marshmallows, “God” is a masher of potatoes: a problem or challenge in my life may be big potatoes or small potatoes, but to “God” or the universe or whatever, it’s just a potato and for me faith is merely that God will mash whatever potato I encounter, that I will have help getting through it.  It may not be the pleasure of a marshmallow, but why am I expecting marshmallows?

As a footnote to the previous post, I do assume the experimenter who eats the second marshmallow tells themselves a story to rationalize the behavior at some level; otherwise they would buy another bag and actually return, it seems to me.  The child in my story sat there long enough for that to happen.


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